Lil Peep Estate Announces Interactive "NO SMOK!NG" Clothing Line

In the last twelve months, we've lost many promising talents in the hip-hop community. Two of the most impactful artists in the last decade, Lil Peep and XXXTentacion, both passed away tragically in the last year and although they left under differing circumstances, their legacies are kept alive in similar fashion from their fans. In the months since Peep's untimely death, we've heard a few posthumous releases with "4 Gold Chains" being premiered at Rolling Loud Miami and a Marshmello collab on "Spotlight." Now, fans will get a chance to design their own Lil Peep merchandise to be sold on his official website through the late artist's clothing line idea, NO SMOK!NG.

Uploaded to Lil Peep's Instagram page by his estate, an announcement was made for his shop to include fan submissions, a unique and interactive element in the merchandise experience. The post reads, "One of [Lil Peep's] plans was to launch a clothing line called NO SMOK!NG. Another plan was to invite fans to create merchandise through his official site. Both ideas were set to launch early 2018. Sadly, Gus passed before either could launch. We decided to give NO SMOK!NG to those who matter most in keeping Lil Peep's memory alive -- the fans."

Submissions will be open for one week between August 1 and August 8. Each designer will be entitled to a portion of the merchandise sales and each product must be Lil Peep related or inspired. Check out the details here and let us know if you'll be participating.

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