Lil Pump And Carnage Officially Have A Collaboration Dropping This Week: LISTEN

Lil Pump and Carnage both get a lot hate. But at the end the day even with a world full haters both artists continue to rise through the ranks the main stream and are enjoy tons commercial success. Lil Pump's dumpster fire a track, ‘Gucci Gang' continues to top US charts. Carnage on the other hand made the news recently by dropping out Ultra 2018 for a misunderstanding with line up scheduling.

Now the pair have teamed up (for better or worse) and Lil Pump took to Instagram to tease the up coming release and arguably to gauge fan reaction. Ultimately fans fell in love with the clip, so we imagine it will be due out this coming Friday (12th) that being said it honestly could hit the scene tomorrow. Check it out below and see if you are ready for this collaboration to hit the market, but be warned even if you do not like it, you're going to hear it everywhere.

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