Lil Pump Announces His Sobriety

Lil Pump has announced that he has quit lean...again.

It was in a brief upload tot he socials that the South Florida-bred rapper revealed that he has given up on the popular mixture of cough syrup and soda, while also putting out a blanket statement, condemning his use of any substances.

“Yo guys, I’m making an announcement. I don’t sip no more lean at all. I don’t do no more drugs, fuck all that,” he says in the clip. As he makes his announcement, a woman can be hard congratulating Pump, exclaiming, "Oh my God! Good job, Pumpy!"

Last December, Pump made a very similar announcement, declaring that he would be giving up lean, but soon found himself back off the wagon. 

“Hey, I’m Lil Pump, and I kicked the cup. I think you should kick the cup too. Look how skinny I got,” he said in a video on his Instagram Stories. Previously, he made the same joke of "kicking the cup" in April of 2018, tossing a bottle of cough syrup into the pool.

This time around, the clip seemed to be just a little less staged. We'll see if this round of sobriety lasts for Pump.

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