Lil Pump Claims XXXTENTACION Is This Generation’s Tupac

The one year anniversary of XXXTENTACION's murder was yesterday. It was an emotional day for his fans, friends, and family. His peers in the rap game made sure to pay tribute including Kodak Black who donated $50K to X's kid, according to DJ Scheme. Lil Pump paid tribute to X on Instagram yesterday commemorating the late rapper's legacy. He returned to social media to compare the late Florida rapper to one of hip-hop's most idolized and celebrated rappers of all time.

There have been a few people who've compared XXXTENTACION to Tupac which is interesting since X believed he was a better artist than 'Pac. However, it still feels like there are a lot of people who still feel that it's an accurate comparison, Lil Pump included. "Deadass though, X is the Tupac of our generation. No cap," he said on Instagram. Of course, this was met with a mix of reactions. Some fans said that X is better than 'Pac while others argued the opposite. 

A few months before his death, he shot down comparisons to Tupac, going as far as telling Akademiks, who was interviewing him at the time, not to compare him to the West Coast legend. He also made his case for why he thought Biggie was a better lyricist than Tupac which was understandable. 

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