Lil Pump Declares "No One Has Done What I’ve Done At Da Age Of 18"

Lil Pump has never minced words when it comes to stating his greatness. He once professed that he's the reason SoundCloud exists and instead of always showing off his luxury vehicles, he sometimes destroys them while wearing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. The 18-year-old artist recently took to his Instagram Story to talk about his accomplishments, saying that when it comes to the rap game, he is set apart from the others because he's done more than they have at such a young age.

"Nobody has done what I've done at da age of 18 I've broke records on YouTube, platinum records," he wrote. "So suck my d*ck," he says, ending the message with a smiley face. Because of his outlandish personality, Pump has become a young artist that many love to hate. Although his words may be a hard pill to swallow, there is a tad bit of truth to his madness. 

Social media often focuses on his Instagram videos where he shows off his expensive grillz, makes fun of women who leave their wigs at his house after staying overnight, or loses his high-priced jewelry while Top Golf-ing with his friends, but the teenager topping the charts. His 2017 hit "Gucci Gang" is a certified platinum success and the accompanying video is right around the corner from reaching one billion views on YouTube. Pump's debut record Lil Pump and his follow-up Harverd Dropout both debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at No. 3 and No. 7, respectively.

Responding to the criticism of his post, Pump uploaded a video where he says, "Ay, and all you old b*tches hatin', talking 'bout you was doing that at 18...none of you f*ckers was doing that sh*t at 18. Half of y'all n*ggas working at McDonald's and Burger King at 18, b*tch. I am a multi-millionaire. Okay." Then the young rapper brags about spending $15K on Cartier glasses because he says "I'm bored as f*ck."

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