Lil Pump Has Trouble Counting How Many Watches Are On His Wrists

In true Harvard Dropout fashion, Lil Pump shows extreme difficulty in figuring out how many watches are currently on his wrists. While his heavily-teased mixtape is not out yet, Pump stays flexing on Instagram, this time letting the fans know he can perform simple addition. While R. Kelly was clowned last month for allegedly not knowing how to read, write or do math, Lil Pump wants none that foolishness to be subjected on him as he showed f his impressive mathematical skills on his IG story today. During a PSA telling new rappers to stop wearing fake jewelry, Pump stated that he purchased two more bust-down watches, wearing his collection for the camera and counting up the wrist pieces.

Never one to stop flexing, Pump showed f his VVS jewelry while claiming he had on six watches, before slowly counting each piece on his arms to realize he only had five. "I woke up today and decided to buy two more bust-downs because I was bored," started Jetski. "Now I got five bust-downs on my arm. I mean six bust-downs on my arm. B-tch, wait..." Counting up his wristwear, Pump realized that his initial statement was correct but he still went on to post the flub to his story for all to enjoy. 

Recently signing an $8 million deal, it seems as though the 17-year-old is spending hundreds thousands dollars on a daily basis. While he asserted that he was saving the majority his cash during his interview with J. Cole, buying two new watches because you got bored seems to point to the opposite.

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