Lil Pump Pulls Another Death-Defying Jump Into Concert Crowd

If you freeze the video at the right moment, Lil Pump objectively swings from a chandelier with his life in your hands. Of course, the truth the matter is that his landing party would take the brunt the damage. Like all trends in hip hop, whether it's the guitar supplanting wind instruments as a key accessory to production, or rappers staving f chains or bringing them closer to their necks. The recent trend do the crazier stunt? From the highest vantage point.

Lil Pump posted footage from a recent concert, on Instagram. The video bears the caption, "Ima jump in a bitch pussy like dis," the illusion makes complete sense the way Pump is perceived by rap fans born prior to 1990, as a wrecking ball tornado. Pump's general demeanour is a far cry from the uncaged animal he becomes on stage, the J. Cole interview case in point.

Check the video for yourself. Pump performs his single "ESSKEETIT" in the bleachers to a sold out crowd. The spotlight in the venue seeks him out, at which point he climbs over the railing, the mic is in hand. Once over top with assistance from security, bounces to the rhythm for a couple measures before executing his jump.

No one was reported dead or injured in case you were wondering. 

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