Lil Reese Confirms He Was Jumped, Video Footage Of Beatdown Emerges

Lil Reese seemed to get himself in some trouble this weekend but thankfully, he seems fine. The rapper was allegedly jumped over the weekend by a rival rapper. Although Reese addressed it on social media, video of the assault emerged online recently which shows the rapper on the ground while getting hit several times.

The news of the assault first came to light after a rapper named Skeezy posted screenshots from the fight on social media. Reese is seen on the floor while someone tries to get take whatever is in his pockets. "This is what happens when the so called “Chiraq Grim Reaper” @reesemoney300 plays with the wrong people 😂🤷🏾‍♂️ He ends up beat up, shittin on his self and getting all his lil money took out his pocket 💩💸🤕👊🏾 That fake tough shit never get you nowhere," Skeezy wrote. 

Lil Reese later addressed the assault on social media in a since-deleted tweet. "I got jump by like 5 n***as all that other shit tell them kill the lies I got up still fighting ain't no hoe and me bro I'm dolo them n***as know them hoe ass n***as snake me," he wrote. According to XXL, he later tweeted, "Yea ok a jump on ain’t shit keep listening to all them lies I got 40k on me rn nigga ain’t taking shit."


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