Lil Tay Laments Her Haters, Says She's Trying To Make Her Mom Proud

It's not easy being the 'Youngest Flexer the Century', especially when you've accumulated almost 2 million followers, a good percentage which are likely only there to watch your downfall.

Yesterday, the truth Lil Tay's extravagant flexing habits were exposed, when her mother's former employer revealed that the cars and the properties in Lil Tay's videos were all a result her mother's career as a real estate agent. The illusion that Lil Tay actually had all the money and cars were simply falsehoods. 

Today, in a video posted to DJ Akademiks' Instagram, Lil Tay gets very emotional about her haters trying to take away her dream being the greatest flexer all time. "I have a dream, I'm trying to make my mom proud," Lil Tay says in the video. "Y'all are hating on me. You have a family, go enjoy that!"

The video was apparently posted in response to Lil Tay's haters reporting her videos in an attempt to get them down. For someone who is trying to make a living f clout, being able to post freely online is one the most important aspects the come-up, and Lil Tay's haters are trying to bring her down.

She adds, "If you don't like me, just block me. I've never done anything to you." Lil Tay is a child, so all this pressure on her must be very difficult. However, this is the price that must be paid in order to remain the youngest flexer.  

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