Lil Tay Reportedly Creating New Internet Persona For Imminent Social Media Return

Earlier this month, Lil Tay had mysteriously disappeared from social media after quickly ascending to the top a list  celebrities that confuse us on a daily basis. Why exactly did Lil Tay ever become as prominent as she did? Her potty-mouth and fake cash flaunting ways somehow fascinated a vast majority people with over 2.5 million people following her now-blank account. With every post removed, it's difficult to determine what Tay is plotting next but there is almost no possibility her leaving this quietly. TMZ caught up with one her former consultants who revealed what we may expect from the nine-year-old upon her return.

While he does not reveal a timeline when we can expect her to be screaming pranities on the internet again, former consultant Alex Gelbard said that the young girl is talented and she is currently working on her comeback. After being exposed as a fraud, it will be difficult to jump back and appear authentic but she is reportedly crafting a fresh persona to take over the world again. On her return, Gelbard said, "Tay's a super talented girl. She's gonna come back with something unique. It's definitely gonna be different from what you saw before. Whatever she's working on, she's got a bright future." 

Does anybody have any guesses on how Tay will return to Instagram? Maybe she'll shift to mimicking a suburban soccer mom instead a flexing rapper?

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