Lil Tay Seen Smoking Hookah As Mom & Brother Stand By

Lil Tay is the nine-year-old girl who you either swipe past on your feed or you watch her videos simply shocked at what she has to say. It seems as though every week the young internet star is popping up everywhere with different rappers in photos or flexing stacks cash. It was recently revealed that her older brother is the one who is directing her to say wild thoughts and do crazy things for the 'Gram. 

"He is the one, only one who] did an excellent job for her, he guided her, did everything for her without anybody else involved," her mother, Angela Tian, told BuzzFeed News her son Jason. 

A new video has hit the web that sees Lil Tay smoking from a hookah with her mother and brother standing by. It's safe to assume that it may be part a new video or photo that will soon be uploaded to Instagram.

There's even more evidence that her older brother is, in fact, coaching her to be the young hater she is. In the video below Tay is not sure what to say and Jason is heard telling her how to act and deliver her words. Watch it below.

What do you guys think Lil Tay? 

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