Lil Ugly Mane Breaks Up Secret Circle Amidst Antwon Sexual Assault Allegations

Secret Circle, the group that consists underground rap darlings, Lil Ugly Mane, Antwon, and Wiki, will be breaking up and scrapping their album, due to sexual assault allegations against Antwon.

Lil Ugly Mane went to Instagram yesterday to make a statement about the project, saying that, "Secret Circle is a wrap. The shows are cancelled. The album will never come out. The songs we made don't mean shit anymore."

He didn't give an exact reason as to why the group was breaking up but did say that, "I'm glad it's all gonna be out in the open. I would never want to be a part anything that hurt anyone or be aligned or associated with this fucking bullshit." This led fans to speculate that the rumors around Antwon, would be coming to light.

Yesterday morning, Antwon issued a statement on his Twitter, speaking on how he had to hit rock bottom in his alcohol and drug addictions to learn how to change himself, among other things. "I've run away from my problems and blamed them on other people but all along I didn't know the problem was me and my behavior."

That wasn't enough for Ugly Mane, who made a second, lengthy, Instagram post today calling out Antwon directly, saying he focused his apology too much on himself and not the people that he's hurt. 

"Yesterday I made a very vague statement," wrote Ugly Mane. "I was under the impression that Antwon was going to be accountable for his actions and so I wanted to give him the opportunity to own his own bullshit and stand on his own two feet."

"We aren't talking about late night miscommunications or buyers regret," he continued. "We're talking about zero fucking consent."

See his full statement below.

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