Lil Uzi Vert May Have Said That "Eternal Atake" Arrives In Two Weeks

Does Eternal Atake finally have a release date? Lil Uzi Vert's anticipated album is turning into the record-that-never-will-be as it has become somewhat of a folklore. Uzi has been dropping brief updates regarding the completion of the album, and last month he told fans at a concert that Eternal Atake was finished. A week and a half later, he jumped on Instagram Live to speak on the album once again. "I want this to be right for y'all," he said. "I want to be able just to play this and we all just look at each other and just start hittin' The Whoa. Like, 'relax. I got you.'"

He added, "The way I got this sh*t set up, see, what I did was I manipulated time and it's never too late for me. It's too late for them. That's the problem, I was giving them a chance," he said, possibly referencing his strained relationship with his label. Fans know that EA is on its way, especially following the releases of his singles "Sanguine Paradise" and "That's a Rack." In a newly released video, some believe that the rapper said that the album will arrive in two weeks, but it's difficult to tell due to the movement of the camera. Watch the video below and let us know if Uzi revealed when we can expect EA.

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