Lil Uzi Vert & NAV Accused Of Copying Kid Buu Song With "Wanted You"

Kid Buu posted a video on Instagram today in reference to his track "Dead Roses." You can watch him floating in a swimming pool jiving about his belief in himself as a "sauce maker" and that he doesn't need to be jacking other people's flavor. His rant starts with the statement, "Men lie, women lie, upload dates don't. Ya heard?" He splashes around the pools while talking some more, then dries himself f. Somehow, he is suddenly shown in a bathrobe at a table eating cereal, previewing both tracks for the camera. Although the track was ficially released on June 9th this year, the pink-haired rapper insists that his version was made before "Wanted You." He points the upload date on his song's Soundcloud page. It is marked as two-years-old, while Nav and Lil Uzi Vert's collaboration was posted several months ago.

The comment section is full trolling on both the original post and others. Instagram user @swavyist calls Kid Buu the "Android Version 6ix9ine," while @_thatbrownguy refers to him as "Whackashi 5ifty8ight." A lot people seem to have trouble taking Kid Buu seriously, especially since the artists he is accusing have way more clout. On top that, Kid Buu literally named himself after a Dragon Ball Z character. How are you going to accuse someone stealing swag if you're jacking from anime characters? Don't get me wrong, anime can be hardcore and a legit inspiration for some, but this is a legitimate reason to troll the Kid. 

Check out both songs and tells us who's the biter.

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