Lil Wayne Believes Nicki Minaj Is "Still The Queen Of Hip-Hop"

Nicki Minaj has been the queen of hip-hop for so many years that the question hasn't been asked in a while. However, with so many emerging female artists and Cardi B looming, the throne may not be occupied for the longest time. Now that Tha Carter V seems to be coming soon with the album art being teased by Young Money on Twitter, Wayne has started a little promotional run, starting with Billboard for their most recent feature. On the upcoming album, he will be getting very personal, discussing his suicide attempts and mental health. C5 is possibly one of the most anticipated albums of all time and with all the hype that is now surrounding it, Weezy's comments carry a lot of weight. If he says Nicki is still the Queen of Hip-Hop, we need to take it into consideration.

During his sit-down with Billboard, he proclaimed that he still believes Minaj is on top of the game. The entertainer elaborated, "I think Nicki is still the Queen of Hip-Hop simply because [of] who she is. You have to know her like I know her and to know everything she's done and what she does to be who she is." Weezy noted that some people will definitely consider him to be leaning towards her because of their Young Money ties, which he respects. "Call it biased or whatever but to me, she's the Queen. She'll forever be the Queen just because of how hard she works and where she came from."

Wayne attributes her status as royalty to her evolution and how she's continued to work her hardest. There's no denying that Nicki has earned her place at the top but the day will eventually come for somebody to replace her. Whether she'll let that happen is yet to be seen.

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