Lil Xan Announces He's Quitting Music Due To Mac Miller's Death

Lil Xan has been a polarizing member of the hip-hop community since he dropped "Betrayed." While the levels of scrutiny were not as high back then as they are now, there was still an air of confusion, mostly stemming from his chosen rap name. Diego had been under pressure to change his name and despite him announcing he would be going by his first name, he was still thriving under the Lil Xan moniker. His comments about Tupac early in the year absolutely affected his career negatively and while they may be eventually forgotten, the interview has left an extremely sour taste in people's mouths. In a statement that's partially gone under the radar during his tribute to Mac Miller, Xan announced that a combination of his idol passing away and the hate he's received has led him to reconsider his career.

Diego initially wanted to be a photographer and he says he just landed in the circle so he started rapping. His music has earned him enough money to be financially comfortable for a few years as he showed off his home several days ago on his Instagram story but if he is to be believed, he will no longer be making music from now on.

Speaking about Mac Miller, Xan said, "He's the reason I pursued music and mainly the reason I'm quitting music." He looked straight into the camera as he announced the news. The hate has definitely gotten to his core, saying, "I just don't wanna deal with that." Perhaps he will now pursue a career in photography or go down a completely new path. Will you miss him? Listen to his comments at 19:20.

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