Lil Xan Being Investigated For Assault With A Deadly Weapon: Report

Lil Xan's recent run-in at a gas station could land him in heaps of trouble. TMZ recently released a video showing the 22-year-old artist waving around and pointing a gun at a man. According to reports, the man saw Xan at the gas station and thought it would a good time to call him out on his previous comments about Tupac Shakur's music being "boring." The video begins when the exchange had already escalated, and while the two men were far enough away from each other and the guy seemed to be walking away, Xan pulls out a gun.

It's Xan's argument that he felt threatened and only brandished the weapon out in self-defense, but TMZ reports that law enforcement is investigating the incident. The man involved in the shouting match with Xan went to the police to show them the video. The officer he spoke with filed a report for assault with a deadly weapon and now the Los Angeles Police Department's Robbery-Homicide Division is leading the investigation.

If the alleged victim goes on record to say that he feared for his life, even though shots weren't fired, the charges may still stick. Detectives are said to be looking at surveillance footage from surrounding businesses to see if they can catch the entire incident from beginning to end. If serious charges are to come of this, it's reported that Xan could be looking at a felony that could put him away for up to four years.

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