Lil Xan Keys His Mercedes In Disturbing Cry For Help Video

While social media generally comes with a healthy dose trolling and general fuckery, it's sometimes easy to forget that there are actual human beings behind the screens. After Lil Xan previously brushed f 2Pac's music as boring in a now infamous interview, the once rising rapper seemed to become public enemy number one; not only did many prominent rappers write him f, but even fans seemed to shift their perception on Diego. It didn't take long for his public image to take a massive hit, as reflected in his waning Total Xanarchy sales and omission from the alleged XXL Freshman list. Now, it would appear that Lil Xan is in a dark place, as evidence by his recent disturbing behavior.

Over the weekend, Lil Xan uploaded a video, which played out like an obvious cry for help. "I wanna show 'ya what mental illness really fucking looks like," says Xan, before panning to his Mercedes G-Wagon, which has been utterly decimated by Xan's keys. "Wanna know why I'm doing that? Because mental fucking illness. All this materialistic shit don't mean shit in this world." As the clip progresses, Xan reveals that he essentially has no control over his bank accounts, let alone his vehicle. " "I don't get control shit," he says. "I can't even drive that fucking car. They put it in the basement so I couldn't take it."

This is mental fucking illness. I don't care. Make fun me. Make fun me on the internet. I don't give a fuck," says Xan. To be honest, it's hard to watch. While his proclamations being a "slave" to management may ring true to many frustrated signed artists, it's difficult to see a young rapper descending to this point. Hopefully he can get the help he needs, and insurance can find it in their hearts to reimburse the damage bestowed upon his G-Wagon. Pray for Lil Xan.

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