Lil Xan Spotted With DJ Diablo Following Suicide Scare

Earlier this month, we reported on a suicide scare involving a close friend of Lil Xan, DJ Diablo. The latter consisted of a cryptic message shared by Diablo  his Instagram story, one which precisely penned he no longer wanted to be apart of the music industry or life in general. The chilling statement alerted the artist's family and friends and resulted in the producer being placed on a 5150 hold. At the time, Lil Xan shared he would never allow anything to happen to his best friend and as such, it looks like the rapper has kept his word. Newer reports by TMZ indicate the duo were spotted out and about recently. 

Following the involuntary psych hold, the DJ and producer seem to have recuperated. He was seen outside of Delilah in West Hollywood this past Saturday night. When questioned by the news outlet, the artist was thoroughly introspective about the deterioration of his mental health. Furthermore, Diablo also admitted having embarked on a mission wherein he plans to bring forth mental health awareness and provide information on the steps required to keep one's mental health in check. As both Xan and Diablo stepped out the club, Lil Xan was very wasted, but it is good to see he was there for his friend as he said he would be.

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