Lil Yachty & BAPE Team Up For A Brand New Collection: Photos

BAPE has been known to collaborate with Hip-Hop artists in the past as the brand has been synonymous with the culture. Having said that, it's absolutely no surprise that the brand would team up with an artist as fashion-forward as Lil Yachty. Yachty has been known to flex shoes and streetwear in the past, with BAPE being one of his favorite brands. Now, Yachty has gone from BAPE fan to BAPE collaborator with this new collection that the brand unveiled today. 

For this particular collection, BAPE has redesigned their Baby Milo character to resemble Lil Yachty and his signature red braids with beads on the end. Hoodies and T-Shirts will be a part of the collection which shows Yachty's character right next to BAPE's Baby Milo mascot.

This week on Thursday, May 23rd, there will be a presale for the collection at BAPE's location in New York. If you do end up purchasing something from the presale, you'll be able to attend a meet and greet with Yachty which is a pretty big incentive for Boat fans to come cop some of the pieces.

If you can't get anything at the presale, you'll be able to cop the entire collection as of Saturday, May 25th.


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