Lil Yachty Explains Spending $1,000 On Fake Jordans During Tour Of Sneaker Closet

Lil Yachty took Complex on walking tour sneaker collection, and true to form, he boasts something out the ordinary. Lil Yachty began by dissecting three consecutive pairs Jordan 1 reissues, spotting a different type animal leather on each shoe. I guess Lil Yachty is buying on the resale market, because his expenditures involve an element touch, without saran wrap getting in the way.

Within his collection, he has a few Jordan's that he purchased at outlet prices, a red pair retailing at $79.99. Of course they only appreciate so long as demand is remains high, and it does. Yachty is "all over the place with the swag," as he himself says with the journalist shadowing him closely. Yachty pulls a unquestionably fake Jordan 1 from the top shelving apparatus. In place the Nike Swoosh is an arrow pointing sideways, and the white overlay is noticeably yellow due to water damage. Yachty explains he knew they were Fake and dropped an astronomical $1 thousand anyway, just to lay claim to one--a-kind defects. He may unwittingly become "that guy," the collector who obsessively searches for glitches. 

Yachty likens his Shadow 1's to the highest material grade, and even points out the elephant leather, as if to say he has experience hunting Safari. He shows f his never worn Luis Vuitton loafers, which in contrast to the other sneakers in his collection, feel like a pair he copped to score vanity points with his peers. Yachty ends the tour by assuring the journalist at Complex that the best is yet to come in Part Two; that he'd be wise to not display a few the rare numbers in his fleet, so don't go asking "Why." 

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