Listen To Avicii's Recently Released Co-Written Single [STREAM]

There has been a void in the EDM industry since Avicii retired from live performing. However, his production has not skipped a beat. Since dropping Avici(01) a few months back, he made clear to the devout fans that he has not gone anywhere. His production has always been timeless and this EP is no different. It is still a very well known fact that Tim is a mastermind behind a laptop and with a pen and pad. Now, we have some new music news out the Avicii camp:

He announces here that the track was written a few years back with his buddy Daniel Adams-Ray, but, we all know that producers man times sit on tracks for years prior to perfecting and feeling ready for release. The track is a smooth masterpiece the provokes the happiest emotions (as most Avicii tracks do). It is a smooth and thought provoking single that will be played over and over for years to come. The vocals mesh seamlessly with the production and yet again, we have another Avicii hit.

As time goes on, it is yet to be seen whether or not Avicii will return to our favorite festival and club stages. That said, we are happy to see Avicii seems to be in a really good place and is still making the music that we all have grown to love. Legend. Whoever human is, you got a winner here and we look forward to more from you. My thoughts, this track was produced a few years back and Big Time Timmy Jim just got the perfect vocal pairing for it. Thanks for waiting it out hombre, this is great.

Peeop “Ghost” below:

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