Listen to inverness Take Lauv to the Next Level with His Latest Remix

The latest to rise to dance pop-stardom has been the California native Lauv, and as much as I hate to admit it, he has been my latest obsession as well. His vocals might be a little Shawn Mendes-eqsue and the production might be unimpressive to say the least, but his lyrics are beautiful and poetic.

For that latter-most reason, I was excited to hear a remix “Paris in the Rain” today, that which takes the original to the next level. Remixed by inverness, it is what the original was destined to be. Lauv's lyricism still floats beautiful, meanwhile inverness upped the ante as for as the production goes. The vocal chops on the drop are gorgeous, making for a smooth future bass bop!

Listen to inverness remix “Paris in the Rain” by Lauv below!

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