Listen to KRCL's driving new beat, 'I Am Who I Am'

KRCL has just dropped 'I Am Who I Am', a driving cut featuring Alina Ranae that's perfect for festival season.

The uplifting, melodic banger is taken from his forthcoming album, that will also be released alongside a book.

The Istanbul-based artist, who is also a physician and academic, said: "Each chapter of the book, along with singles and releases, will go after the questions of finding and exploring yourself in life."

"When I discovered that I could combine both artistic skills to show people different dimensions of the story, all the pieces began to sit in place. From this moment on I was engulfed in anything that inspired me to explore further. I can’t wait to bring into this world over the next few months."

‘I Am Who I Am’ will be released on June 10 Future Forward Music.

Check the track below.

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