LISTEN To The First Snippet Of Marshmello's New OG, Pure-EDM EP

Marshmello broke onto the scene dance music fast and hard. The artist's original, feel-good trap melodies were an instant hit with crowds all over the world. Soon though, Marshmello began to experiment with big-name artists who helped him achieve some real mainstream notoriety. At that point, there were two separate Marshmellos as far as fans were concerned: The OG EDM one, and the Main Stream high prile collab one. After giving most his production attention to the latter in 2017, fans were thrilled when Marshmello announced he would be dropping an OG EP that was entirely focused on EDM.

Today we get the first taste what this EP will sound like, and surprise it is pretty darn good. Marshmello is returning to the sound which helped him explode with hits like ‘Alone', ‘Chasing Color', ‘Moving On' and ‘Ritual'. Fans could not be more excited about the new EP. Check out the snippet one the tracks below.

Marshmello OG EP Teaser

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