Litche's "Voyage" is a Simple and Introspective Masterpiece

Australia’s own Litche has been somewhat a recluse when it comes to his music but is returning in a big way with the first track f his Debut EP Voyage with vocals by the lovely Woodes. Litche is no stranger to using Woodes’ vocals, as he gained massive attention for his remix Woodes own track “Rise“. The two decided to come together for a production all their own and it’s a beautiful result as their talents come together so well.  Litche’s production prowess shines as the track uses Woodes voice in a incredible way.

Elle started to play with melodic ideas and writing down some rough lyric ideas. After about an hour Elle had worked out the vocal melody and we also recorded tonnes atmospheric vocal bits that we layered together and messed around with. Before long we knew something was forming.” Litche said. As the first track his upcoming EP, it is sure to be some the best work he has come up with to date.

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