Lizzo Breaks Down The Issue With Being Dubbed "The Next Beyonce"

Lizzo has won hearts and minds for being unapologetically herself. A vibrant spirit and champion for confidence, her commentary on body image has rendered her a role model to many young fans. With a valuable co-sign from Missy Elliot under her belt, the rising singer has already begun leaving a lasting impression. This morning, she sat down with Entertainment City for a wide-ranging discussion on art and life, explaining her problem with the recurring brand of "the next Beyonce."

Though she's generally welcoming of the compliment, Lizzo makes it clear that while she loves Bey, she prefers to carve out her own legacy. "I think human beings need to relate things to each other. We need reference or else. If I see something like, 'What does it taste like?' If I'm eating duck, they'll be like, 'Tastes like chicken.' Ok," she explains. "But when it's saying Lizzo's the next Beyoncé or Lizzo was the next so and so. Next Missy Elliott. I reject those statements because my whole entire career is about individuality and it is about me, like, being me. So, how can I be me if I'm the next Beyoncé? I've worked so hard to be Lizzo. It's almost unfair to take Lizzo away from me and put someone else's name on me." 

A fair assessment, and one Lizzo stands by. On that note, she reflects on her status as a possible role model to young women, who might very well be experiencing issues with body positivity. "There were so little people that looked like me," she reflects. "That represented my body type, and my skin, and my hair. My personality. It's hard to fathom. It took me a long time to be self-confident. I think it's because I had to see the superstar in me, because I didn't have a superstar to look up to."

For more from Lizzo, be sure to check out the full interview above, and revisit her recent Cuz I Love You album right here

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