Lobster Theremin boss Asquith announces debut track on self-released white label

Having released under aliases Tom Hang and Chicago Flotation Device, Lobster Theremin boss Asquith has announced 'The Conditioning Track' under his own name for the first time on August 3.

The new EP, ASQ001, shows Asquith's personal style, moving away from the aliases he had used previously, to deliver the NYC Mix, a track on the A-Side with a distinctively garage sound and powerful drums. The B-side has the North London Mix, ideal for summer days dancing on the terrace.

Delivered straight from the North London studio, the hand-stamped 12” record is being self-released by Asquith on his own white label, moving away from the Lobster Theremin imprint with this EP.

With a Japanese tour and appearance at Berghain in the pipeline this summer for the Lobster Theremin boss, we can expect to hear 'The Conditioning Track' across dance floors in the coming months.

Listen to The NYC mix below

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