Logic AKA Bobby Biracial Stunts With Stacks Of Cash, Upsetting Day One Fans

Logic is having fun with some antics lately. After changing his Twitter handle to "Bobby Biracial," he's on one with a video him literally juggling stacks cash. Of course, he ends up dropping all them on the ground. Logic crouches down to shovel the bills into his flashy car, after shouting "I'm Sorry" towards the camera wearing a smile. You can hear someone f-camera saying, "You wanna put the seatbelt on the money, real quick?"

The whole thing is obviously meant as a joke and is likely staged. Most fans were on board, had a laugh and called it a day. Still, some people got miffed about it and quoted his lyrics back to him in attempt to set him straight.

The video is meant to encourage people to watch his music video for "Contra." Fans were shocked to witness the burning an unimaginable amount cash. Some loved it and others were annoyed at the fact that the pile could've funded their whole life. If you haven't seen what the hype is about, you can watch the video for yourself here. I'd say "come get your boy," but Logic has proven that each move he makes is precise and calculated. Remember his cover for Bobby Tarantino from 2016? Remember the book resting on his lap? If you've been following Bobby, you would know that the seemingly random book was an easter egg, teasing his upcoming novel called Supermarket. That's just one the examples his chess playing. Let's see where this move leads before y'all hop on this post shouting "corny."

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