Logic Gets Animated "Bobby Boy" Tattoo On His Wrist

Logic has been quite the busy man this year. After releasing Bobby Tarantino II in March, the rapper revealed that he has a few albums stashed and ready to go for whenever the time is right. On top that, he is writing two novels and working on ventures in film and television. Apparently, somewhere between his business meetings and studio time, he has found time to consistently hit the gym, showing f his new jacked body in interviews and by going shirtless on stage. He's been filling up on ink too, recently getting the name his novel tatted on his arm alongside some other fresh pieces. 

Many his tattoos are text-based from the looks it but he's decided to switch things up, opting for a cartoon character "Bobby Boy" on his wrist. Bringing a sticker as the artist's reference point, the piece is pretty spot on as Logic showed f his swollen arm shortly after on Instagram. Placed directly under his "Look Around" tattoo, little Logic lives forever on the inside Bobby's arm. Many rushed to the comments section to point out that the ink is actually upside down but, judging on the star's other pieces, it's placed perfectly for him to look at whenever he feels the need.

As Logic fills up his arms, his "Bobby Boy" tattoo is likely the most colorful the bunch as he branches out in his ink decisions.

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