Logic Gets The Strap & Shows Off Keanu-Esque Gunplay

Logic is a man that's willing and able to take the plunge. While many know him as a rapper, as evidenced by his recent drop Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, Bobby T has also explored various creative endeavors, including a best-selling novel and an experimental album of the same name. When it comes to trying new things, he's not exactly averse to the prospect of change. Now, it would appear he's setting his sights on becoming the deadliest warrior, either that or signing up for a private militia a la Billy Russo from The Punisher. 

Logic Gets The Strap & Shows Off Keanu-Esque Gunplay

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

In honor of his personal idol Keanu Reeves, no stranger to a maxed-out gunplay statistic, Logic channeled his latent John Wick energy with a trip to the gun range. With an entourage of young ladies in tow, Logic fires off some heavy artillery, intercutting his experience with Keanu's viral clip. Though the strategic cutting leaves his mobility in question, few can dispute that Logic's accuracy is solid, as many of his shots successfully find their targets. Naturally, he's no Keanu, but who really is?

Should the hip-hop world ever descend into post-apocalyptic chaos, would you want Logic on your squad? Check out the footage below.

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