Logic Photobombs Kyle While Casually Creeping In The Background

Beginning last week, Logic's Bobby Tarantino Vs. Everybody Tour is underway and with three dates already completed, the crew is getting the hang the new tour material. With Logic having quite the year planned, ambitiously working on several albums, a few novels, a film and a venture into television, it's difficult to determine where Bobby has time to tour his latest mixtape but, somehow, defying all time constraints, he is doing it. He is also apparently finding time to still be a goball, hanging around with tourmate Kyle and effectively ruining his photo shoot by appearing in the background one the shots.

Lurking in the background near all the tour buses, Logic can be seen in the background SuperDuperKyle's latest Instagram upload. Kyle noted that his photo session was going well until Logic made his presence known. What started with a casual photobomb turned into a joint photo shoot as Bobby joined in, embracing the "iSpy" singer and smiling big for the camera. As Logic loves to constantly remind his fans, Kyle had to joke around with the rapper, tagging his post "#biracialboys" just in case anybody forgot. 

The pair will likely be seeing a lot more each other in the next few months as the Bobby Tarantino Vs. Everybody Tour runs until August. Does Logic make or break the photo?

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