Logic Puts "Shameless" Charlamagne Tha God On Blast

With Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind hitting streaming services at midnight, it would appear that Logic was in the mood for calling out names. Considering the song in question is called "Clickbait," it only made sense to take the appropriate measures for the title. The recipient of Bobby's scorn is none other than Charlamagne Tha God, host of the Breakfast Club and no stranger to pot-stirring in his own right. Throughout the largely satirical track, Logic breaks down his rationale for ducking The Breakfast Club during his promotional runs, rapping as follows:

I don't do the Breakfast Club 'cause Charlamagne is shameless
That's the only one I leave out when I run my bases
Do your research 'fore you call somebody homophobic
You make a living off of controversy and you know it
I ain't that type of artist, respect my name and we can talk about it
I'd suck a dick just to prove it ain't that way 
Ninety-nine percent don't listen what I say

Now, succumbing to the temptation to spin a story over the last two lines would be following for Bobby's bait, and thus validating his point. What's far more interesting is the fact that Logic put Charlamagne on blast, calling his livelihood and integrity into question. For what it's worth, Bob has a legitimate reason to be put off Tha God's interviewing practice, after Charlamagne asked him a rather blunt and tasteless question about his sister. One has to wonder how Charlamagne will take this, given he has the ultimate power to bestow "Donkey Of The Day" in however manner he so chooses.

Of course, many will likely get hung up on the fact that Logic claimed he'd perform fellatio in the name of winning an argument, but look beyond that. It would be far more interesting to see how the next chapter of this Logic vs. Charlamagne "feud" might play out, given Bobby's Breakfast Club boycott. Did you listen to "Clickbait" yet?

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