Logic Unveils Intricate Hand-Drawn Cover For "Young Sinatra 4"

When Logic announced he would be dropping a new album at the end of September, he did so the only way he knows how: with bars. Anybody that has been neutral about Logic's foray into a more mainstream sound will be happy to hear about his intentions to take things back to the beginning. During the "YSIV Freestyle," Bobby Tarantino announced the release date for his next project and today, we're getting a first look at the cover art he will be using this time around.

Logic can get pretty creative with his album covers but for the return of Young Sinatra, he wanted to keep things simple. Even in doing so, he's recalling the first ever installment in the series from 2011 through an intricately-drawn piece of himself in mugshot mode, holding up a sign with the album's release date. With the artist noting that he has over a handful of albums ready to go in the stash, his journey back to the basics will likely be met with much glee from fans if executed correctly.

Sam Spratt, Logic's art director, spoke about the cover on Twitter, writing, "For Young Sinatra's return, he knew ages ago he just wanted a simple throwback to the beginning: a love letter to the rattpack. No robots, wild colors, or labyrinthine easter eggs. Just a nod to where it started." Spratt drew the cover himself, zooming in so everybody could truly appreciate the shading and all the work he put into it.

Are you looking forward to YSIV?

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