Lonzo Ball Releases Kyle Kuzma Diss Track: "Kylie Kuzma"

Los Angeles Lakers rookies Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma have been going at it all season, trading verbal jabs and trolling each other social media throughout the year. Today, the Lonzo x Kuzma shenanigans reached its peak as the Lakers' point guard dropped a diss track titled "Kylie Kuzma."

In the two-minute track, Lonzo trashes Kuzma's style, calls out his hometown, and bashes the "Kuzmania" t-shirts that Kuzma created. But the most scathing line references the fact that Kuzma doesn't know his biological father.

Some Lonzo's lyrics include:

“Who are you without ZO2s… just another dude with a bunch tattoos.”

"You want smoke, you can get it, dressing for attention. Trying to be Russell Westbrook, you just honorable mention."

"Big Baller Brand getting bread, little Kuz is getting crumbs"

"Don't know who your daddy is, well your ass is getting sonned"

Utah Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell quickly took to twitter, imploring Kuzma to drop a response. Kuz has since commented on Lonzo's instagram page, "No Pusha T. No comeback I'm whoopin yo ass Wednesday."

Check out the song in the video embedded below.

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