Look Inside deadmau5’s Intimate Toronto Drive-In Rave

Earlier in the month of August, deadmau5 announced that he was playing an intimate drive-in rave in Toronto. The popularity of drive-in shows during the COVID-19 epoch has grown tremendously and they are now a robust sub-sector of the live music industry, which was decimated by the impact of the virus.

Following the announcement, the Grammy Award-nominated electronic music producer flung his diehard fanbase headfirst into a fever pitch. "hey Toronto, the boss has been chatting with the city mayor… and we’re happy to let you know we’ve got a small drive-in show booked in for Friday, August 14th!" he wrote at the time.

Drive-in raves do, of course, come with many caveats in the name of public safety, so deadmau5's City View Drive-In was under a very public microscope ahead of the show. However, he asserted that while his edition "is about having some fun," his team had been "working hard to ensure this is a safe and socially distanced event." That sentiment seems to ring true in the below clips, which were taken during the event. Vehicles are spaced far apart and attendees are seen complying with social distancing measures as deadmau5 performs, flanked by the glittering Toronto skyline.

You can check out the videos from deadmau5's City View Drive-In below.


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