Looks Like "Bad Meets Evil 2′ Is Going To Happen

After taking about four years off, Eminem dropped Revival in 2017. Nobody really liked it, so he followed that up with the much better received Kamikaze.

Shady's prolific streak may be about to continue with his Bad Meets Evil buddy Royce Da 5'9".

Royce was just on KXNG Crooked's show and during the chat he revealed that he and Em have a bunch tracks ready to go and that it wouldn't take much work to add a bunch more and call it an album.

"We got a couple songs in the vault, that we messed with, like awhile ago, but it ain't been like an opportunity for us to go in and do nothing with each other," Royce tells Crooked. "Like, I see him on the road, and I got my own studio now so I'm not in his studio as much as I used to be. He always working, it would literally just be for him to call, and be like, 'yo, let's do this shit.' I'd make time, cause I have so much fun doing it. It's easy, it's not a lot work, it's one of those fun challenges."

Ya hype for Bad Meets Evil 2?

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