Lord Jamar Weighs In On Bars From Eminem & Machine Gun Kelly

Lord Jamar deserves respect, that much is certain. The Brand Nubian rapper has been in the game for a minute, and while he's certainly entitled to speak his mind, some have taken his anti-Eminem stance to heart. In fact, Em himself addressed Jamar's claims on "Fall," in which he hit Jamar with a sizeable chunk of bars. Naturally, Jamar had some thoughts on Em's outspoken stance, and addressed them accordingly during BET's Rate The Bars series. 

After praising Machine Gun Kelly's "Rap Devil," Jamar takes a moment to emphasize that Eminem is hardly in everyone's top ten. "That's not true," he says, firmly. Jamar eventually gets around to reading lines from Eminem's "Fall," particularly the ones aimed at him. While he takes umbrage with Em's use of the word fetch, citing racial undertones, he does half-heartedly admit that Em's bars are "cool." The compliment is not without a catch, however, as Jamar accuses Em of rhyming for rhyming's sake; Joe Budden has also taken Em to task over the same narrative, despite the fact that Eminem has been providing content for a minute. 

It's interesting to note that while Jamar is decrying Eminem's position in hip-hop, he is simultaneously giving Marshall Mathers free promotion. A conundrum to be sure, and evocative of Em's prophetic lines in "The Ringer." Still, Jamar's insight is welcome, and he brings a few quotables to the table. "Just cause you ain't a gangsta don't mean you a sucka," he says, in response to Joyner Lucas' "Lucky You" verse. Be sure to peep Jamar's installment in full below, where he addresses lines from Joyner Lucas, Don Q, and more. 

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