Los Angeles to require Covid-19 vaccine to attend indoor concerts

The Los Angeles City Council has passed a new ordinance requiring anybody over the age of 12 who wishes to attend indoor events, including concerts, to show proof of a complete Covid-19 vaccine. The rule will go into effect on November 4th and is considered one of the strictest Covid-19 mandates in the United States.

The mandate goes beyond just concerts. It will also include bars, restaurants, gyms, movie theaters and shopping areas. The ordinance follows the likes of New York City, who announced back in August a similar Covid-19 vaccine mandate. Negative test results within 72 hours of the event will be accepted but only to those who have an exemption due to religious beliefs or medical reasons.

“We’re getting tired of protecting people who do not want to protect themselves and get vaccinated. We have spent too much time placing restrictions on people who are doing their part and getting vaccinated and wearing their mask. No one is forcing anyone to get vaccinated. But if you don’t, there are certain things you will not be able to do without showing proof of vaccination.” – L.A. City Council President Nury Martinez, Press Conference

The county will not enforce penalties for failing to abide by the ordinance until November 29th. According to public health officials, 69% of the 10 million residents in Los Angeles county are fully vaccinated.

Image Credit: Exchange LA/ Insomniac

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