Ludacris Gives Advice To Aspiring Artists: "Don’t Take Nothin’ Personal"

Ludacris has created an empire, growing from his Back for the First Time days to becoming a leading rapper, actor, producer, and all-around mogul. As a music industry veteran, Ludacris has seen and experienced more than most, and the 41-year-old enjoys spending time with aspiring artists who are paving their own way. In a recent Instagram post, Luda shared a clip of himself during a Q&A session as he gave advice on what artists need to do early on if they truly want to be successful.

"This is definitely good for all of y'all," Ludacris said. "Don't take nothin' personal in the music industry. 'Cause every artist, man, we so passionate about our craft. Like, just don't take nothin' personal. Everybody has an agenda in this music industry and most of it is trying to cover they ass or do they job just to get a quick buck. So, if it's somebody else that's doing something that pisses you off, don't let it ruin your creativity."

He continued, "If you already put yourself in the mindset that you're not gonna take anything personal and that mistakes are gonna happen, and it's just based off your choices and actions, you just plow through that motherf*cker. Just be...just stay focused. But that would be one thing I would tell myself. Don't take anything personal."

In the video's caption he wrote, "Rule # 1 to All Aspiring Artists, Writers, Producers Ect Out There Take This To Heart!"

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