Mac Miller's 911 Call Emerges: "Please Hurry"

It's been nearly a week since Mac Miller was pronounced dead. Earlier today, it was reported that the rapper died hours before his body was found. Now, the 911 call that his friend made when his body was found has surfaced.

The call Mac Miller's friend made to the police when the rapper's body was found has emerged. His friend clearly knew that Mac Miller was in a critical state in the phone call. The friend revealed that he saw Mac Miller just the day prior. At one point in the conversation, he urges the dispatcher to send help immediately. Towards the end of the call, Mac's friend is heard crying hysterically before the call drops.

After police investigated Mac Miller's home after he was found dead, they said the house was wiped clean of any drugs or paraphernalia with the exception of a small amount of white powder.

The cause of Mac Miller's death is still yet to be determined. The L.A. County Coroner is now waiting for the toxicology tests to come in which is said to take a few weeks.

Mac's body was flown back to his hometown of Pittsburgh yesterday for his funeral which is set to take place this week. It was reported that there will be a Jewish service for him at a chapel in his hometown. 

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