Mac Miller's Albums, Ranked

Since making a name for himself as a hip-hop up-and-comer in the late 2000s, Mac Miller has remained dedicated to developing and evolving his sound. Playfully challenging Drake's self-given title of the "best Jew in the rap game," Miller has kept his nose to the ground to genuinely earn the respect necessary to spit in the same league as the Young Money artist, or really, anyone else for that matter. He first burst onto the scene as a 14-year-old rapper who went by the name "EZ Mac," at the time, a raw and unpolished talent with loads of potential. Far removed from his days of dropping cringe-worthy catchphrases like "Easy Mac with the cheesy raps!," Miller has fulfilled his potential, with a sound evolution that is evident throughout his five studio albums. 

While there's no denying the positive career trajectory of the Pittsburgh-bred rapper from his early days in the mainstream and beyond, Miller's first studio album, Blue Slide Park was an impressive commercial success regardless of where it ranks in his discography. After BSP debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 by selling 144,000 individual copies in the first week of its release, it became clear that Miller deserved his spot as one of 11 rapper's featured in XXL magazine's Freshman Class of 2011. 

By morphing his aesthetic from that of a frat-boy-backpack-rapper on Blue Slide Park to a more mature, introspective adult (as it were) on Watching Movies with the Sound Off, Miller has made it very clear that he is done with focusing on or chasing down Top 40-charting pop-rap hits. Now confident enough in his own ability to wax lyrical about his recent heartbreak and ill-guided attempts to numb the pain on Swimming, Miller's varied discography offer's a clear, timestamped window into the rapper's life with each subsequent release.

From GO:OD AM to The Divine Feminine, here is our ranking of Miller's studio albums. Let us know what your ranking looks like in the comment section.

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