Madonna’s Reportedly Struggling To Move Tickets For Upcoming Tour

Despite being one of the most celebrated living music icons, it appears as though Madonna's hype isn't what it once was. According to PageSix, Madonna's forthcoming tour in support of Madonna X has yet to sell out, unlike her previous tours.

Now, Madonna, who's worked with nearly every artist under the sun, has sold out stadiums, arenas, and any other type of venue you could think of throughout her illustrious career. For the "Madame X" tour, she scaled back to smaller, theatre-size venues that could only fit a few thousand people for a more intimate performance. Unfortunately, even with smaller venues, she's still reportedly having trouble selling out tour dates. 

Initial reports stated that the first shows sold out but it was revealed on Ticketmaster that there are hundreds of tickets still available for each concert. For example, her October 7th show at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House -- one of seventeen shows in Brooklyn -- still has over half of the $357 mezzanine seats available.

Live Nation insisted that the reason why so many tickets were available because it has “increased the number of shows exponentially due to overwhelming demand.”

Madonna's Reportedly Struggling To Move Tickets For Upcoming Tour
Michael Campanella/Getty Images

However, an insider said that low ticket sales aren't exactly thrilling the home team.

“It’s very telling these shows didn’t sell out as quickly as ‘Springsteen on Broadway’ did a couple of years ago,” an insider said. “This clearly isn’t the home run Team Madonna was hoping for.”

Maybe things might change with the release of Madame X on June 14th. The singer's released five songs already but none of them have yet to make a debut on the Billboard Hot 100. 

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