Major Festival Warned of Dangerous Bat Infestation

Anyone who attended Escape Music Festival in Australia and may have come into contact with a bat is being instructed to phone health authorities “immediately.” The Metro South Public Health Unit has been notified that people may have been exposed to a small bat near women’s restrooms during the festival.

Public health physician Kari Jarvinen shared the dangers what contact with these wild creatures might do to a person… “Scratches, bites and bat saliva into the eyes, nose or mouth from a bat are very serious and require immediate medical assessment to prevent the potential development Australian Bat Lyssavirus infection.”

In the case contact with a bat is made, precautionary measures include washing the wound gently for five minutes with soap and water, and then applying antiseptic. Then, seek medical attention.

Only vaccinated people who have been trained to care for bats should ever handle them. However, if you came into contact with one these little guys at Escape, phone 3176 4000 as soon as possible.

According to a , three Queenslanders have died from Australian Bat Lyssavirus since 1996, with the last being reported in February 2013.



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