Mally Mall Sues State Farm For Refusing To Pay Nearly $1 Mil In Losses

Insurance companies are supposed to cover you during your times of need, but Mally Mall claims that State Farm is refusing to foot the bill. Back in 2016, the record producer reportedly contacted State Farm because he wanted a policy that would cover his home property. However, over the last few years, Mall has fallen victim to two thefts and a house fire, but the insurance company has refused to help.

TMZ reports that Mall trusted that his agent secured the proper coverage for his home and luxury items within. Yet, when tragedy struck, Mall realized that he wasn't covered properly at all and the insurance company wasn't responsible for paying him for his lost items—including a $300K saber-toothed tiger head. When his Las Vegas home caught fire, there were reportedly substantial damages to his master bedroom, master bathroom, safe room, and media room. Mall had to cut power to his home because of the fire which in turn disabled his security system. In the months following, Mall was the victim to two separate thefts at his home.

When he contacted State Farm, Mall learned that he was underinsured and should have received a million dollars more in his losses. He's taking the company to court and suing them for breach of contract, negligence, and unfair practices in settling claims. He's also asking that they be responsible for his attorney fees, as well.

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