Man Threatens Mass Shooting In Unofficial EDC Las Vegas Facebook Group

Mass shootings have become an unfortunate reality living in America in recent years. What is even more troubling is that music festivals and concerts have been the targets these attacks. Last October a man launched a terror attack from the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas towards The Route 91 Music Festival. In the aftermath, it was found to be the deadliest attack in America since the events that occurred on 9/11.

Many festivals have worked tirelessly to stop similar incidents. Ultra Miami which had a similar location to Route 91 stationed police counter-snipers on buildings, utilized helicopters equipped with spotlights and took every threat, no matter how unlikely as credible. A man who made a joking Facebook post with a high powered rifle was in custody a little under an hour. Police are taking no chances.

Man Threatens EDC Las Vegas

Today a man took to the EDC Las Vegas Unficial Facebook Group and threatened to attack next year's event. Commenting that he will “beat the high score” or the Route 91 attack. Fans were quick to report the post, and many found the man's true identity linked through his burner account.

Many ors on the /r/electricdaisycarvinal has reported that the police have been contacted and the posters address has been found. It is sick to think that these threats can be joked about by some. But we are happy to see the dance music community acting fast, and taking the proper steps to make sure these tragic events never come to fruition.

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