Mariah Carey Sent Nudes To Backup Dancer & Current Boyfriend Whilst On Vacation With Ex-Fiance

Hold on to your horses because this is quite a long (and turbulent) story. Legendary songstress and infamous diva, Mariah Carey, is currently dating her 36 year-old backup dancer, Bryan Tanaka, after splitting up from her billionaire ex-fiancé, James Packer. Packer and Carey split in October 2016, (with Packer said to have paid the singer a $50 million “inconvenience fee” and letting her keep the $10 million diamond ring he proposed with - which she still proudly sports). Now, however, news from Daily Mail has revealed a video of Carey grinding on Tanaka whilst she was still with engaged to Packer, as well as insider details on the songstress' alleged affair with her younger lover.

In the video - shot on a camera phone - Mimi can be seen dancing rather flirtatiously with Tanaka – even sitting on his lap at one point – more than six months before she split from then-fiancé. The racy video, which was obtained exclusively by DailyMailTV, was shot inside the Hotel D'Angleterre in Copenhagen, Denmark, in March 2016 when the singer was in the country for a concert (checking into the hotel under the alias 'Margot Channing' and celebrating her 47th birthday there). In the clip, a scantily dressed Carey is seen grinding against her now boyfriend, who sits slouched back in his chair with his white T-shirt pulled up. At one point he reaches up to pull down the 49-year-old singer's skirt, which had risen up as she danced sexily, touching her upper thigh as he does so.

A source toldDailyMailTV that "they were clearly more than just friends even then. It was so flirtatious and there was so obviously something going on. James would have been mortified if he had been there." According to insiders, Carey was infatuated with the dancer throughout her relationship with Packer – even telling Packer she was "a born again virgin" to avoid having to sleep with him.

It's also alleged that she would order her staff members to take sensual photos of her to send to Tanaka, only to be yelled at in the morning if she didn't like them. Among them are six semi and fully naked pictures taken on her yacht, WHILST ON VACATION WITH PACKER back in July 2016. The photos show Mariah sporting a gold sequined bikini in a multitude of different, equally seductive, poses. One even goes so far to show a fully naked Carey posing in a bathroom - her modesty only preserved by a strategically placed phone held by one of her staff members (and appointed photographers).

Further photos were also exchanged in text messages between Carey and Tanaka using a staff member's phone sent in May of 2016. One, sent on May 20th, shows Carey posing in a cleavage-exposing leather jacket – to which Tanaka responded with a lengthy string of clapping and firework emojis. A further set of messages, between Tanaka and one of Mariah's entourage sent on June 28 2016, see the pair discussing an 'exit plan' from the hotel and note that Carey spent the night in the backing dancer's room.

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