Mark Wahlberg Gets Equinox Gym To Open Early For Him To Workout

Mark Wahlberg has always kept his body in good shape. Even back in his days as Marky Mark, Wahlberg was known for his fit figure. The veteran actor is currently promoting the release of his latest film, Mile 22, which hits theaters tonight. Even during his promo tour though, Wahlberg is busy lifting. 

Wahlberg got the hook up at New York's Equinox Gym in Columbus Circle Wednesday morning. The gym opened an hour early for the actor, who chronicled his workout on social media. "Five to 4 (AM), We got the hookup," began Wahlberg in his post. "We got Equinox Columbus Circle to open an hour early." After thanking the CEOs and managers that made his boss move possible, Wahlberg proceeded to get his early morning work out on. “They opened an hour early. He arrived at 3:45 a.m. and was extremely gracious to the staff for coming in early. He was giving hugs and fist bumps all around,” an insider told PageSix. The gym was still empty when Wahlberg left. 

22 Miles has been getting mixed reviews from critics, who cite the action as a high point, but the plot as a low point. To be honest, that sounds like many of Wahlberg's recent movies at this point. 

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