Mark Wahlberg Wants DJ Khaled To Get His Body Right

If you've been following DJ Khaled for a few years, you know that he's been working hard on getting himself to a healthy weight. It can be difficult as a world-famous celebrity to eat well and find time to work out. We've heard about Cardi B's recent struggles, opting to get plastic surgery instead of finding time for the gym. In between meetings and albums, DJ Khaled does have time to work out but the motivation might not be all the way there. He's been losing weight, showing off his progress after starting Weight Watchers a while ago, but he's not quite ready for Mark Wahlberg's extensive fitness regimen. The mega-producer spoke about how he turned down the actor's request to work out together.

Mark Wahlberg Wants DJ Khaled To Get His Body Right
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The two celebrities were on a FaceTime call when Mark Wahlberg decided it would be a great idea to work out with DJ Khaled the next day, whipping his ass into gear and making sure he gets his daily dose of exercise. "My brother @markwahlberg want me to work out 🏋️‍♀️ wit him tommorow," wrote the multi-platinum musician. "I’m have to make it another day I got a little cold that I Need to get out before i work out wit mark. I got to get some rest I’m just being honest."

It sounds a lot like Khaled is making excuses. He's been working so hard that maybe a boost at the gym is what he needs to get his body where he wants it to be. We're looking forward to the video of Mark and Khaled working out together in the future.

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