Marshawn Lynch's High School Photo Becomes Hilarious Meme Over Night

Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is known as one of the most devastating running backs in the NFL, dishing out just as much punishment as he receives on any given Sunday. Even at age 32, which is considered old for running backs, Lynch has shown that he still has the quickness to hit a hole and the force to move a pile of 300-pound linemen.

Just take his 10-yard TD run from last night's game against the Los Angeles Rams for example:

That said, Marshawn wasn't always as intimidating. He was a different beast during his days at Oakland Technical High School and during last night's Monday Night Football broadcast, ESPN revealed a shocking photo of what "Beast Mode" used to look like. 

Naturally, the photo took the internet by storm and by this morning there were plenty of memes comparing Marshawn today vs Marshawn in high school. Scroll through the tweets embedded below for some of twitter's best memes.



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